Phone : (03) 8528 9800

Phone : (03) 8528 9800

Phone : (03) 8528 9800

Phone : (03) 8528 9800

We are digital archiving specialists. Contact us to discuss your next video or audio preservation project


Phone : (03) 8528 9800

Phone: 03 8528 9800 or 0439 975 271                                                                    



 Example 1:  Mouldy VHS tape 

In this example we see a VHS video tape (circa 1988) that was brought to us by a client who had stored it for several decades in a tropical climate. As a result the tape had suffered severe mould contamination and could not be played. 


We were successful in removing all mould from the tape surface and edges. 100% of the footage was salvaged. 

 Example 2:  Unstable Betamax footage

This example shows footage from a poorly digitised Betamax video tape. The material is displaying severe chroma issues, detail loss, and intermittent loss of video and audio sync.  

We requested the original tape from our client, and used a customised VCR with manual tracking adjustments to optimise the attitude of the playback head in real time, as well as passing the signal through an array of broadcast-grade processors in order to resolve a stable, clear image and error-free soundtrack. 


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